STEAM & Storytelling “Speed Dating” Engagement

Co-Presented by Google

A special STEAM & Storytelling “Speed Dating” event hosted by Google to bring STEAM and diversity inspiration to filmmakers at the NALIP Media Summit. Six (6) Google engineers will speak for seven (7) minutes to groups of 5-10 people about the most cutting-edge, interesting aspects of their fields. Fields/topics include: Virtual Reality, Data Visualization, Chrome, X's moonshots such as drone delivery, computer science, and more. After their time is up, the speakers will rotate to a new group and give a similar talk. After the rotations conclude, the speakers and audience will reconvene, for a spirited Q&A session, moderated by Daraiha Greene, Multicultural Strategy Lead for Google's Computer Science in Media Team. Filmmakers will learn how engineers were first inspired to pursue their respective fields, as well as which TV & film characters they looked up to growing up.

 Speakers: Elisabeth Morant (Product Manager, Google VR), Anthony D. Mays (Software Engineer, Data Visualization), Kim Swennen (Software Engineer, YouTube Channel Subscriptions), Champika Fernando (Product Manager, Kids & Families), Rachel Blum (Team Lead Chrome LA), Karishma Shah (Chief Catalyst, X)



June 24, 2017 at 9am - 10am
Creators Studio 1


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