CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises

Mariposa del Barrio: Friday, June 23rd - Creators Lounge

Rosie Rivera is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker and television personality, as well as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. She is the youngest of the Rivera family of singers known as “La Dinastía Rivera.”

While some of her siblings reached fame in the music industry, Rosie shied away from the spotlight. Her life took a drastic turn when her sister, Jenni Rivera, died in 2012, leaving Rosie as trustee of her estate. Rosie soon became a public figure in her own right, channeling her struggles, pain and emotions into actions, work and love.

In 2015, Rosie founded the movement Sister Samalia to restore and uplift women who have been victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, drugs and domestic violence in Latin America. In addition to participating in various reality shows, she is involved in her family’s Christian outreach ministry and carries out her sister’s mission of helping single mothers find affordable housing, shelter and treatment for abuse through the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. Rosie is also working closely with Telemundo’s production team to develop a series based on her sister’s life story, “Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio.”

Rosie is married to worship leader Abel Flores and is the proud mother of three children: Kassandra Rivera and Samantha and Elias Flores.


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