Actor, Director, CEO of Wayfarer Entertainment

Sharing Our Stories: Beyond Diversity - Friday, June 23rd - Creators Studio 3

Justin Baldoni is an actor, director and entrepreneur whose efforts are focused on creating and effecting positive change. He can currently be seen playing Rafael on CW’s Award winning phenomenon, Jane the Virgin. He’s the founder of Wayfarer Entertainment, he created the most watched digital documentary series in history “My Last Days”, which has gone on to help raise over 1m for various families and charities. The second season aired on CW and they are currently filming the third season. Wayfarer focuses on disruptively inspirational content that inspires, educates, and empowers. Additionally, Baldoni is slated to produce and direct his two feature films, one with Warner Brothers and one with CBS Studios. As a positive influence in media and rooted in a faith that believes in being of service to mankind. He founded the Wayfarer Nonprofit, which started the 1st annual carnival for the homeless. He is extremely passionate about using his platform to redefine masculinity, and empower women. He believes that "we all have the ability to make our lives a beautiful prayer" and currently travels the country speaking to youth and companies on how to make our work a form of service to humanity. Baldoni currently resides in Los Angeles with his family; wife Emily and baby daughter Maiya Baldoni.


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