Media Advancement Award

Latino Media Awards: Saturday, June 24th - The Ray Dolby Ballroom

“Diversity and inclusion is not a fad; rather it is woven into the very fabric that is NBCUniversal.” This is a quote that speaks volumes about this year’s recipient of the Media Advancement Award. Rather than use this quote for purely aesthetic purposes, Comcast-NBCUniversal embodies diversification and all of its accompanying traits. In 2015, Comcast-NBCUniversal became the first media and technology company to join the Billion Dollar Roundtable list. In 2016, NBC Universal was awarded the prestigious “Best of the Best” inclusion award by the NGLCC and the NBIC for the second consecutive year.

Since its emergence, Comcast-NBCUniversal has consistently demonstrated its passion and willingness to give back through their unwavering commitment to community service, inclusion, and their constant efforts toward revolutionizing their technology and media platforms. The Media Advancement Award was created to recognize companies that refuse to submit to complacency; it was created to acknowledge companies that strive to redefine the meaning of cultural diversity, the meaning of acceptance, and the meaning of progress in the industry. On behalf of The National Association of Latino Independent Producers, we bestow the Media Advancement Award upon this incredible company.

Receiving the award, Fabian Castro, an award-winning executive with expertise in brand and entertainment marketing, is senior vice president of multicultural marketing at Universal Pictures.  In this capacity, he works closely with media, creative, publicity, digital, and brand marketing teams to develop innovative, nuanced campaigns that reach today’s multicultural movie going audiences.


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