Independent Filmmaker

The Keys to a Power Punching Pitch - Thursday, June 22nd - Creators Studio 2

Brittany Machado accidentally ended up in entertainment. After earning her M.A. in sociology, she was living comfortably in the Ivory Tower of academia as a researcher and professor. But after being asked to consult for a proof of concept film, she ended securing the funds to turn it into a feature and started learning production, post-production, and legal on-the-ground. She has since worked on numerous independent projects including Give Me Sex Jesus, When Giants Fan Met Dodgers (CSN), No Cameras Allowed (MTV).

Brittany transitioned fully into film and TV in 2015 after landing her first job in television post-production on Grimm (NBC). Brittany is currently at Warner Bros. where she trains new talent for the WB Television Workshop and works to improve inclusivity within the creative business of TV. She also works in scripted development for Stage 13 (WB Digital Networks) which is proud to announce Snatchers (Go90).



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